Cold Rolling Mills

Salient Features of JSW Cold Rolling Mills

  • Widest Cold Rolling Mill for automotive steel in India
  • First Continuous Annealing Line India
  • State-of-the-art continuous galvanizing line with dual pot system for GI & GA production
  • Higher Strength (up to TS 980MPa) & SEDDQ grade, which cannot be produced by current Indian facilities
  • Seamless automatic material storage, tracking, retrieval and transfer system
  • Proven overseas technology from SMS Siemag for PLTCM and JP Steel Plantech for CAL & CGL
  • Continuous pickling line (capacity: 1.3 Mtpa) supplier - Flat Products India Ltd.
  • Twin Stand 6-High Reversing Mill (Capacity -0.850 Mtpa) Supplier - SMS Demag, Germany
  • Electrolytic Cleaning Line (Capacity 0.6 Mtpa) Supplier - Flat Products India Ltd, India automation by ABB
  • Batch Annealing Furnaces Supplier- Ebner, Austria
  • 4-High single stand skin pass (Capacity - 0.875 Mtpa) Supplier - SMS Demag, Germany
  • Two Re-Coiling Lines (combined capacity - 0.35 Mtpa) Supplier - Bronx, UK
  • PLCTM Line (Pickling Line coupled to Tandem Cold- Mill)-Capacity -2.3 Mtpa. Supplier - SMS Siemag, Germany, automation by TMEIC,USA
  • Two Continuous Annealing Lines - Capacity - 0.95 Mtpa each, Steel Plantech Corporation (SPCO), Japan Automation by TMEIC, Japan
  • Continuous Galvanizing Line - Capacity - 0.40 Mtpa Steel Plantech Corporation (SPCO), Japan automation was done by TMEIC, Japan
  • Recoiling Line ( 3 in numbers) - combined capacity - 0.6 Mtpa. Supplier - Dongbang, Korea
  • Slitting Line - capacity - 0.3 Mtpa Supplier - Dongbang, Korea
  • Coal Yard Management System Supplier - Pesmel, Finland

Continuous Pickling Line (CPL)

HCL Continuous Pickling Line with a capacity of 1.4 Mtpa uses proven and reliable technology to process hot rolled carbon steel as per the technical specifications. The process of pickling involves removing oxide scales from the surface of the hot rolled steel, by treating it with dilute hydrochloric acid. The reaction is generally a combination of chemical reaction and mechanical separation of scales due to evolution of hydrogen.

Unique Features
  • Laser welder for making 62 T jumbo coils
  • Tension leveler cum scale breaking facility
  • Online trimming facility
  • Electrostatic oiler
  • Level 2 automation

Cold Compact Mill (CCM)

Pickled coils are rolled in twin stand cold rolling mill where they are processed into a specified thickness. Generally, the rolling reduction ratio is 50% to 90%. The critical point at this stage of the process is to maintain uniform and precise flatness throughout the entire length of the coil.

Unique Features
  • Auto shape control using shape meter rolls on both sides
  • Laser velocity meter for better speed accuracy
  • Level 2 mathematical modeling and connectivity to Level 3
  • Latest X-ray gauging system for better gauge measurement and control

Electrolytic Cleaning Line (ECL)

The main purpose of electrolytic cleaning is to remove the carried over rolling oils and other debris left on the strip surface after rolling.

Every trace of surface oil is removed by saponification and emulsification of steel in alkaline solution. This degreasing process is necessary for the production of cold rolled strip with smooth surface.

Unique Features
  • Level 2 automation
  • In line skin pass mill for roughness transfer
  • Low current density line for better surface conditions
  • Flying shear and accumulator for retaining product quality

Batch Annealing Furnace (BAF)

After cold rolling, the steel strip is hard and brittle with its grains elongated in the rolling direction. To obtain the desired grain structure and to improve the mechanical properties, the strip is annealed at an elevated temperature in a reducing atmosphere.

Unique Features
  • Uniform annealing under 100% hydrogen atmospheres
  • Hydrogen purity is 99.999%
  • Superior surface cleanliness
  • Final cooling on separate bases under dry & protected atmosphere

Pickling Line coupled to Tandem Cold Mill (PLTCM)

Every aspect of JSW PLTCM is designed to add precision and quality control to the cold rolled process. In this, pickling line is linked with cold rolling mill, which provides better shape control, delivers significant improvements with regard to mill productivity, yield, and production as a result of the elimination of strip threading and tailing-out operations.

JSW’s PLCTM is characterized by high pickling rates, quality pickling operations, flexible production, a wide range of product sizes, qualities, quality product and lower production time requirements, as well as compliance of the highest standards for environmental safety.

Unique Features
  • Laser welder with automatic seam evaluation by SMS X-Pro
  • Stretch Leveler for shape improvement and scale breaking
  • PPMC (Pickling Process Model Computer) from SMS Siemag
  • 5 Stand 6 HI CVC6 Plus Technology
  • Shapemeter Roll by ABB
  • Multizone Cooling System for localized shape control
  • Laser Velocity Meter (LVM) for precise speed feedback
  • Flying Gauge Change (FGC)
  • Carousel reel with 2 mandrels
Value for Customers
  • Wider coil width (1870mm)
  • Shorter production lead time

Continuous Annealing Line (CAL)

The continuous annealing line is design to produce material for automotive industry, appliance industry etc. In order to get uniform mechanical properties, it has a radiant tube heating type vertical annealing furnace followed by the rapid cooling type cooling furnace and overaging section. The entire furnace will be filled with protective HN gas. This wet type skin pass unit improves the flatness with ease, apart from removing the stretcher strain. The annealing process consists of pre-heating, heating, soaking, slow cooling, rapid cooling, overaging, final cooling & water cooling in sequence.

A mathematical model ensures high temperature accuracy. Due to this homogenous heating & cooling takes place which results in superior ductility and superb surface finish.

Unique Features
  • Narrow Lap Mash Seam Welding System
  • Thermal Crown Control System
  • X-Ray Thickness & Width Gauge
  • 6 HI Skin Pass Mill with WR, IMR bending with additional IMR shifting for top notch shape
  • Vertical & Horizontal In line Inspection
  • Electrostatic Oiler
  • Automatic Surface Inspection system by Cognex
Value for Customers
  • High Tensile sheet (~980Mpa)
  • Uniform mechanical property in coil
  • Shorter production lead time

Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)

The Continuous Galvanizing Line, with a few notable exceptions, perform the same operations as Continuous Annealing Line (CAL). Incoming substrate is cleaned with an alkaline detergent, annealed, coated with molten zinc, and tension leveled. This line is capable of producing Galvanneal products.

Unique Features
  • Electromagnetic Strip stabilization (e-Mass System)
  • In line coating and alloy gauge with feedback and feed forward control
  • In line 4 HI Skin pass mill with tension leveler
  • Dual pot facility for GI and GA Products
  • Anti-finger printing (Cr free type organic coating)
  • Electrostatic oiler
  • JFE Advanced Zinc (JAZ)
  • Automatic Surface Inspection (Cognex)
Value for Customers
  • High Tensile sheet (~590Mpa)
  • Dual pot system for GI & GA
  • JFE Advanced Zinc (JAZ* future)

Skin Pass Mill (SPM)

Automatic packing improves packing consistency, aesthetics, quality and annealed coil to restore the desired temper and prevent generation of stretcher strain and coil breaks. Skin pass rolling also helps to produce the desired surface roughness (dull, matte or bright) as per customer's requirements.

Unique Features
  • Shape meter at exit side
  • Use of temper fluid for better cleanliness
  • Level 12 set up and storage system
  • Complete automation from coil entry to exit
  • AC drives and high speed processors for better quality

Recoiling Inspection Lines (RCL) & Slitting line

3 RCL with 0.20 Mtpa capacity each, and one Slitting Line with 0.30 Mtpa have been procured from DONGBANG, Korea. At the RCL, the coil surface is inspected carefully. Stroboscopic light ensures visibility of defects if any without stopping the process. The value addition of this line is to further improve the strip flatness with the help of a tension leveller unit. An Electrostatic Oilers provided to apply all types of RP and DOS oils uniformly on both surfaces.

Unique Features
  • Tension levelers
  • De-oiler unit
  • Horizontal inspection stroboscopic light
  • Two different oiling enclosures
    1. DOS: Turbodyn High speed bell system
    2. Anti rust oil: Wide range blade system
  • Robotic arm for coil marking

Auto Packaging Line (APL)

Automatic packing improves packing consistency, aesthetics, quality and productivity of packing. The line is equipped in meeting the packing requirements for export and domestic markets.