Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets - Features

JSW’s Cold Rolled Closed Annealed (CRCA) Coils and Sheets are produced through the cutting-edge Cold Rolling Mills (CRM) at Vijayanagar. The 3.3 Mtpa CRM’s modern facilities, advanced operational technologies, strict inspection processes and integrated quality control, ensures an excellent product.

JSW’s CRCA is manufactured in Deep Drawing, Extra Deep Drawing, Interstitial Free Steels and High Strength grades, which are conformed to JIS, EN, ASTM and IS standards. Dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic thickness control system using advanced numerical models.

Easy formability, High-quality Surface Finish, consistent surface texture with the optimum balance between texture (for paint keying) and smoothness (for image distinction) makes JSW’s CRCA the product of choice for automobiles, appliances, furniture and many other applications.

  • Technical Collaboration with JFE Steel Corporation, Japan to improve Plant, Process and Products
  • Development of automotive steel, CR & GA Steel for high end applications
  • Jointly provide auto customers with products & services including application engineering solutions
  • Proven overseas technology from SMS Siemag for PLTCM and JP Steel Plantech for CAL & CGL

Advantages JSW

  • Reduced lead time

    Quicker serviceability from CAL route.

  • True customisation

    Customised sizes through service center at Vijaynagar & Pune.

  • Wide range of sizes

    Wide range of thickness and width options.

  • Master workability

    JSW’s cold rolled products have splendid formability and minimal deviation in mechanical properties due to company’s innovative technologies, and integrated quality control system extending from raw materials to the final product and newly constructed and modernized facilities.

  • Superior shape

    Applying tension leveler ensures superior strip flatness.

  • Superior surface quality and dimensional accuracy

    Dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic thickness control system using advanced numerical models, modern facilities, advanced operational technologies, strict inspection, and integrated quality control ensure excellent surface quality.

  • Wide range of product standards

    JSW cold rolled products meet a wide range of product standards, including JIS and other public standards, as well as internal JFE standards.

Product Range

Thickness 0.35 mm to 3.2 mm
Width Upto 1870 mm
  • CQ
  • DQ
  • DDQ
  • EDDQ
  • IF
  • HIF
  • HSS
  • Bake Hardening
  • High Strength
  • Micro Alloyed
  • C-Mn High Strength
  • Rephosphorized
  • Dual Phase
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