Manufacturing Overview

Widest cold rolling mill for automotive steel in India.

The Vijayanagar plant of JSW Steel is the first integrated steel plant to reach 10 MTPA capacity at a single location in India. It is the first plant in India to use the Corex technology for hot metal production.

The first Hot Strip Mill at Vijayanagar was commissioned in 1997. Since then it has grown exponentially and now has an installed capacity to produce 10 MTPA of steel. Located 380 kms from Bangalore in Toranagallu, North Karnataka - a part of the Bellary-Hospet iron ore belt - it is a fully integrated steel plant well-connected with both Goa and Chennai ports.

Widest cold rolling mill for automotive steel in india

Unique Features

  • Houses India’s largest blast furnace and the widest hot strip mill
  • The only plant in India with paircross technology and twin-stand reversible cold-rolling mill
  • The highest productivity steel plant in India, producing 800-plus tonnes per person per annum
  • Recognised for its ‘zero-effluent discharge’ status; it reuses more than 95% of process waste
  • Low carbon footprint as it recycles 96% of coke oven gas for power generation
  • Uses sophisticated ambient air control infrastructure beyond and has reduced gas flaring to lower levels

Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Process


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Particulars CRM I CRM II
Cold Rolling Process Reverse Type Rolling Tandem Cold Rolling
Annealing Process Batch Annealing Continuous Annealing
Size Availability* Thickness 0.35mm-3.2mm
Width 1650mm Maximum
Thickness 0.35-2.3mm
Width 1870mm Maximum
Grade Availability CR Up to 440MPa UTS Up to 980MPa UTS
Coated Products Not Available GA/GI available including JAZ :
High Formable GA (Future) upto 590 MPa UTS
Capacity CRCA: 0.8 Mtpa
HRPO: 0.6 Mtpa
CR : 1.9 Mtpa
CAL 1 - 0.95 Mtpa
CAL 2 - 0.95 Mtpa
GA/GI : 0.4 Mtpa
JSW Cold Rolled Steel